lesI’ve been getting regular body work from Kylie for over 6 years. As a former top athlete herself, Kylie understands the physical and psychological torment that comes with high volume training and elite racing. She has a great touch and an incredible feel for the muscle. She quickly zeros in on problem areas and works through my knots and kinks methodically and extremely efficiently. Kylie Edwards keeps me on the road. Plain and simple. 

Lesley Paterson, 3-time world champion, off-road triathlon.                                                                                     http://www.lesleypaterson.com/



richKylie is an excellent sports massage therapist with a fantastic understanding of how the body works in unison. Her ability to locate and release tight muscle tissue and facia is outstanding. I only wish I could see her more often!

Richard Stannard, seven time world Aquathon champion. http://www.richardstannard.com/