When did eating healthy become stress inducing?

stress eating

Gone are the days of simply cutting back on your nightly ice cream bowl and patting yourself on the back. Now you must sprout, forage, activate and ferment your own food – not to mention everything must be organically grown and locally sourced. It’s a miracle previous generations ever survived when breakfast consisted of the now forbidden jam and toast (read: gluten, starch, sugar, bad carbs, four white devils, pesticides…).

Don’t misunderstand me, there have been some amazing developments in food and nutrition research, and we are even seeing a counter resurgence of ancient cultures’ traditional preparation methods such as fermented foods and bone broths. But instead of enhancing our lives, ‘eating clean’ has become another stressful serving on our already overflowing plates. It is true our soils are depleted and we are surrounded by a plethora of nutrient deficient processed foods, but why is our vitality becoming so depleted while our waistlines continue to expand? It’s certainly not due to a lack of nutritional knowledge.

As human’s, we are predictable and easily influenced. Think of the headlines that pull you into an article: “Fastest weight loss ever,” “amazing new superfood,” “abs in 4 days.” But how many times have you actually read below the hype and investigated the foundation of the claim? Think of how you purchase clothing – we scrutinise items carefully and ask ourselves: What is the quality? Does it suit me? Is it functional for my lifestyle? Yet when it comes to eating, we tend not to put the same consideration into our choices and blindly sign up for the latest diet regime or miracle superfood. We assume they must be the answer as we confidently inhale them. We no longer regard how my body responds to food before converting to the latest ‘eat this way or perish’ protocol.

I’m not saying to dismiss all diets, new or old. Maybe paleo, raw food or veganism is for you, or certain superfood’s can enhance your vitality. But ask what are you basing your choices on? I’m not sure when we stopped thinking for ourselves and asked the billion-dollar diet and marketing industry to advise us. I am simply asking you to consider what works for you. It’s never to late to start. You already know what foods energise and sustain you and which leave you in a food coma or hungry an hour later. So start with the basics and work out from there. Can this plan work for me? Does it suit my lifestyle and work schedule? Could I do it for life or just a few weeks?
The body never lies so start listening and learning from your body – and take the unnecessary stress out of choosing food.

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